I have to say a few things about Adam Lambert.

He has an amazing voice. Usually over uses it, especially for pop music, but it’s amazing. Needs to be on BROADWAY. But he would rather be a rock star (which, technically, he’s not but you know what I mean). But who can blame him for wanting to be on the edge of glory (gagagaga)?

His new single is stupid. Stupid as fuck. Yes, it’s catchy but it’s also really annoying. Like, Justin Bieber annoying. His label will push it out to the radio because they’re all a bunch of idiots. Who is his A&R? That guy needs to be fired. Adam should be singing songs that melt your bones. Like Adele. That’s his voice. But she has the control. He’s out of control and always has been. But that’s sort of his issue… can’t have ALL OF THAT talent and not a weak spot.

There is a solution:

Obviously Adam can’t write a good song, so he needs someone to pick out some really hot tracks for him. That “Whaddda want from me” song was perfect for him. Pop/rock. P!nk should give him all of her b-sides. Katy Perry should write him a “Firework”. No ROCK, just POP/ROCK. Duh. Give him an Adele song. If you are going to be dumping a million $ on this guy, you better know how to get the good shit. Him being gay and his look didn’t get him this far, it was that he had that voice. BLAST IT. “Adam has the best vocals in the industry, in the world!” It’s controversy. But it’ll work. Cuz he just might have the best vocals in the world or that might mean people will listen to his music just to call it shit and then get it stuck in their head.

Adam, you’re new single blows. Call me up, I’ll get you the right tracks (though I’m sure you’re album is done and it’s just as crappy as the last one but just in a different way, right?)

Love you! xo

Josh Paparazzi

PS: You’re boyfriend’s balls look smelly! But I bet they’re little and cute.

When Is Chris Crocker’s Porn Coming Out?

@chriscrocker I want to see it! When’s it coming out? A part of me thinks it’ll be a disaster like the rest of his “performances”, but the other part of me hopes it’s hot as fuck.

Madonna’s New Album Tracklist (with Bonus Tracks)

Madonna’s new album due out this March seems to have a tracklist leak by the labels (Interscope and/or Livenation are doing shitty jobs keeping things undercover.. unless this is on purpose to promote).

Here’s the tracklist with bonus songs:


1. Trust
2. Dangerous Faith
3. Sitting on the Whole World
4. Turn Up the Radio
5. Waving with the Crowd
6. Suspended to the Light
7. Gimme All Your Luvin’ (feat. Nikki Minaj & M.I.A.)
8. Crossed Fingers
9. Birthday Song
10. Reason & Passion
11. Masterpiece [from the motion picture ‘W.E.’]

12. Solar Salvation [Deluxe Edition Bonus Track]
13. The Darkness Void [Deluxe Edition Bonus Track]
14. Revelation [Deluxe Edition Bonus Track]

It’s also rumored that four of the top 11 songs will be ballads. Some were written with Sia and most were produced by William Orbit (who she won several Grammys working with in the late 90’s).

The Hush Sound Is Coming Back!

The Hush Sound is one of those bands that broke right before they could have done something amazing. But they are back doing two shows in February in Chicago. One will be entirely dedicated to their eponymous LP, Like Vines. Hopefully this will result in a tour! Is About to Be Ruined!! By Facebook!


I love Mostly thankful for girls posting nudes of hot guys they sexted and that site owner Hunter Moore (pictured above) is one of my favorite little sluts. But his site is about to get ruined by Facebook.

Turns out Facebook is mad about him using their logo and likeliness (infringing on copywritten material by posting screen captures of the site on his website). And though Mr. Moore has won many battle recently with people trying to block him from posting photos of them, unfortunately, this time he’s about to lose. Facebook is getting out their big guns and the site won’t be able to compete. will most likely have to cease and desist use of the Facebook logo and likeliness and so will probably use capturers from other sites like Twitter.

Too bad, we loved FB stalking the hotties! *creeepee

Taylor Lautner “Comes Out” in People Magazine!!!

Has anyone seen this???

This has got to be fake.. righht?

Where Is that Secret Katy Perry Track??

Katy said about a year ago that she went BACK into the studio to work with Dr. Luke and that she was going to rerelease Teenage Dream. She said she recorded a few new amazing songs and one was going to blow our socks off. But I want to know where the FUCK that track is right now. Katy. WTF?


And it’s about fucking time. If anyone gave a shit, I was doing my make up this entire time.. took so long. Okeeeeee with that said, let’s discuss all of the secrets I know

AMAZING! Tragically awesome new Katy Perry single cover for “Last Friday Night”.

AMAZING! Tragically awesome new Katy Perry single cover for “Last Friday Night”.

Lady Gaga’s New Album $0.99 on AMAZON!

NO, this is NOT a joke. WTF is the music industry thinking?????????

This is only today, go to Amazon right now and download it:


Turns out Amazon is paying the difference owed to the record label. They are trying to promote their new cloud service, which you get 20 free GB when you download the album. Which is still only 99 cents today!