Pete Wentz Still MIA

Pete Wentz hasn’t checked into Twitter in weeks after the announcement of his split from wife and babymama Ashlee Simpson. Ashlee posted on twitter for the first time in a while on Saturday, but it looks like Pete is still shying away.

The former Fall Out Boy frontman/bassist is due to go on tour with his new band, The Black C4rds starting March 19th opening for Travie McCoy.

Come back, Pete! We know it’s hard but we miss you.

Fueled By Ramen Shutting Down?!?!!

Rumor has it that Fueled By Ramen will no longer be a label very soon.

In a desperate last struggle (from severely declining record and single sales) it looks like the world’s most popular indie label, Fueled By Ramen could be shutting down forever. Most likely the successful artists from the label will be split to either Atlantic Records (Paramore) or Warner Brothers Records (Panic! At the Disco). While others will cling to their second home of Decaydance Records (Cobra Starship and The Academy Is…). Others like the unpopular The Swellers and Forgive Durden will be completely dropped.

Fueled By Ramen merged with Atlantic Records a few years ago for distribution within the United States but promised much better record sales. The last bands to sign onto the label were the terribly received The Swellers and Fun. in 2009 and 2010 respectively. While the label has had many huge hits like Jimmy Eat World, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, and Paramore, the revenue to promote music is not bringing in as much gross gain as the agreement with Atlantic Records had guaranteed.

"[Atlantic] had high hopes for Fueled By Ramen and continue to sign great new acts with lots of sales," says an insider. "Lately it hasn’t been the case and it looks like Atlantic is holding them accountable for it. Everyone is doubting they’ll be around next year."