Fight Fair releases a new song with horrible lyrics and virtually no melody! Another pop/punk piece of crap! Hooray!

If only record labels would sign bands that could write good, innovative songs, then the scene would be more tolerable these days.

Paramore Joins Warped Tour Line Up

Paramore announced today that they will be playing 7 dates on the Vans Warped Tour this Summer.

The dates are as listed:

JUL 14 Scranton, PA @ Toyota Pavilion At Montage Mountain
JUL 15 Mississauga, ON @ The Flats at Arrow Hall
JUL 16 Montreal, QC @ Parc Jean-Drapeau
JUL 17 Hartford, CT @ Comcast Theatre
JUL 19 Milwaukee, WI @ Marcus Amphitheatre
JUL 20 Cleveland, OH @ Blossom Music Center
AUG 09 San Diego, CA @ Cricket Amphitheatre

Dave Ryan From Every Avenue Naked??! posted a few photos of cutie Every Avenue frontman, Dave Ryan stripping down! There is a dick pic so if you’re not legally allow to view this, don’t click here:

Will Blood On The Dance Floor Be Dropped From Warped Tour?

A group called “Mothers Against Brokencyde” has started a petition to remove Blood On The Dance Floor from this year’s Vans Warped Tour line up.

This comes after frontman Dahvie Vanity was arrested for statutory rape in 2009. The victim as said to be a 15 year old who had sex with then 25 year old singer. Vanity has been released and there is no proof whether or not court proceedings are in progress or if the allegations have been dropped. However, the Vans Warped Tour page for Blood On the Dance Floor has been commented hundreds of times, many repeats  by protesters quoting:

Blood on the Dancefloor frontman Dahvie Vanity was arrested while on tour in 2009 for the rape and sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl. While he, his people and his devoted fans have, naturally, denied this, there have continued to be allegations of not only THIS case being true, but of Dahvie repeatedly taking advantage of underaged girls while on tour. One of these cases involved AN 11-YEAR-OLD GIRL.”

Now with the petition is place, protesters are urging Vans Warped Tour and its fans to get the act banned in order to keep a safe environment for underage girls to attend. Even if they get thousands of signatures, it’s a wonder if they will get enough support from Vans Warped Tour to remove the band from the lineup.

Sometimes I have dreams where I’m making out with Sean from 3OH!3.

Sometimes I have dreams where I’m making out with Sean from 3OH!3.

Hayley Williams is fierce as FUCK.

Hayley Williams is fierce as FUCK.

Disco Curtis Breakup: What Really Happened

All Disco Curtis fans heard at the end of last summer that the only remaining member was the cute frontman Tanner Howe. It was said on September 2010 that AJ, Garrett, and Brendan all left to go to college- but that’s not the case.

Anybody on the Warped Tour Scene (and loves new pop rock bands like me) saw something extra fishy happen to Disco Curtis half way through the tour. That is, only Tanner was left by the end. So what happened? Well, the label was watching very closely and they decided that they only wanted to invest in Tanner. So midway through the tour, the other guys were fired and the label sent out a backup band that had already learned the songs- guns for hire. In fact, only Tanner ever had signed the record contract so the other guys had no ground and the band signed a non-disclosure agreement to not tweet or blog about it.
"At the beginning of Warped, I saw Tanner having a great time and talking to a bunch of girls. But in the end he was dazed and tired and his friends were gone. Everyone thought they were going to be rockstars and then the plug was pulled. He was lost and the entire situation was terrible," reported a source close to the band.

The label wanted a NeverShoutNever and Jason Mraz with a cuter image, so they stuck with it and he’s wrapping up his solo CD now.