Runner Runner Fears Label Drop, Pleads With Fans to Buy CD

Runner Runner, who recently signed with a Capitol Records, is asking fans to buy copies of their newest self-titled album. Fearing their label could drop them the band took to Facebook a dozen paragraphs, explaining the importance of those who believe in them to buy the record asap:

"The rules are pretty simple: we have to have enough success for it to make sense for the record company to continue investing time and money in our project."

There’s no denying that this is a scary time for bands in the music industry. Many fans are choosing online streaming or illegal downloads over purchasing from retail outlets like Target or iTunes. It’s mostly important that bands stand out these days in order to make the biggest impact and time will tell what happens with these boys.

Check out the full passage and if you want to support the band, make sure you go buy their CD on iTunes now:

He Is We Song Free On iTunes This Week

New folky teen band, He Is We, has a free song on iTunes this week. The band became popular after heavy promotion on in 2009 and 2010. But now they are signed to Universal MoTown records and a song streaming in AMC movie theaters everywhere.

Download the iTunes Discovery Download “Happily Ever After” free, by clicking here.

New Hey Monday Songs Coming This Tuesday

Hey Monday will be releasing a new version of their song “Candles” on iTunes this Tuesday, February 8th. The song was originally recorded from their first record, Hold On Tight but redone so that they can promote their tour with All Time Low (or, more likely, have a song terrestrial radio will play). The single will have two b-sides, a new song “The One That Got Away” and the original demo version “Candles” from 2008.